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Have fun & meet new friends. We list groups for singles in the Denver Colorado metro area including social recreational clubs, sports & ski clubs, Christian, Catholic and Jewish singles groups plus additional organizations of interest to singles.

You can have fun and meet new friends by joining a social activities club. You will enjoy a wide variety of fun activities with friendly, active, fun people who share your interests. To find the best group for you check the links in the left column.

Do you find it difficult to meet people with the qualities you need for a lasting relationship? Are you too busy to look for the right person? Do you find it uncomfortable to ask someone for a phone number or a date? Ladies, don’t you hate waiting for a gentleman you’re interested in to ask you out? Gentlemen, isn’t it unfair that women rarely ask men out?

The solution; a simple, stress free, intelligent, time efficient way to meet people who are compatible and attractive to you. The Intelligent Dating Network is a free dating community for honest, responsible singles who seek lasting relationships.

Best of all membership is really free! As a free member you will be able to send and receive messages with other members, no time limit.

Honesty is the focus of the Intelligent Dating Network. The profile is designed to serve as an honesty check, members who accurately describe themselves are likely to be honest persons, persons who misrepresent themselves are likely to be deceitful in other areas.

The goal is to find someone who will like you the way you are; misrepresentation is always counterproductive.

You must be single (legally separated persons are not eligible) to participate in the Intelligent Dating Network. Married persons trying to use the service will likely be sued and reported to their spouses.

The Intelligent Dating Network features "members only " privacy. You may also restrict access to your profile to Gold Circle members who have passed a background check. You do not need to be a Gold Circle member to use this option.

The Gold Circle is a higher level membership that allows access to a greater number of profiles plus additional benefits. When members search the database Gold Circle members receive preferred positions in the search results, they are also identified as Gold Circle members who have passed the background check.

No need to be bored! To jump start your social life join the club of your choice AND the Intelligent Dating Network.

The development of non polluting, low cost energy technologies is the most important technical challenge of the coming millennium. Although this has nothing to do with singles organizations we hope that some of our visitors will find our Clean Energy Links to be interesting and informative.

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